About Us

Vin Lux offers a concierge level of service and handling of premium and luxury wines, and can efficiently and accurately deliver to over 10,000 accounts throughout California. Equipped with 25 temperature-controlled delivery trucks in Northern California and 45 in Southern California that feature real-time tracking capability. Vin Lux transports 1,500 orders per day and tracks more than 12,000 different wines.

Our Vision

Be the Best Wine Delivery Company in California

How Do We Get There?


With People

  • We respect each other, our customers, and those we share the roads with
  • We prioritize the safety of our employees and the public
  • We nurture and promote employee contributions

With Processes

  • We provide our customers with the highest quality of Customer Service
  • We manage our business as a profitable enterprise for all concerned
  • We provide courteous and accurate on-time deliveries
  • We commit to the security of our customers' products while in our care